How do celebrities get perfect teeth? Some of them are born with them, but not many! Ever wondered how Gwen Stefani got her perfect smile, or what Miley Cyrus did to get those sparkly gnashers? Well, once these stars hit fame, they decided it was time to give their smiles a little makeover. From whitening to straightening, veneers to braces, these ladies and gents all tweaked their teeth in order to achieve the ultimate celeb super-smile. From Cher Lloyd's evolving smile to Victoria and David Beckham's changing teeth, we take a look at the stars who have put their money where their mouths are in our gallery of the best Hollywood smile make-overs ever...

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover calls for one or more aesthetic, facial or dental rejuvenation procedures to enhance the aesthetics of your grin.

A smile makeover to one man could mean something completely different to another, and it is a rather individual choice. For instance, some people want the perfectly white Hollywood smile makeover or the star smile. Others might just want a straightforward advancement, including the replacement of amalgam fillings with complex and teeth whitening.
The end result of a smile makeover for many people is a smile to be proud of, one that is straight, white and perfectly aligned. This will depend on many variables:
The treatment demanded
Your aesthetic dentists' ability
The clinic where the treatment is completed