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The Dental Center provides the full range of dental treatments bringing together specialists in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Orthodontics.  
Using the advanced technology, The experienced staff are committed to the high standard of personalized dental care.

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Many of us have experienced that awful sensation of something that is grinding our nerves or that feeling that your tooth has been crushed. Even if you already knew that tooth was in trouble it can still feel a little uncomfortable. Other times an older crown may eventually fail or will drop out and be lost, or swallowed. Using the old technology, that tooth would be covered up with a crown that would be fabricated in a dental laboratory, and while the final results might be excellent it also means living with a temporary tooth for at least a couple of weeks or perhaps even longer. So what is the best option for you?

Get Your Crown Made or Replaced in Just One Dental Visit

Can you believe that we can do crown replacement in 1 Hour? Thanks to the modern technology we can produce beautiful crowns while you wait. You will leave the Dental Center with your new permanent crown in position so there is no need to use temporary crowns that can often fall out or break or which are uncomfortable to wear. 


Instead you will be able to go on with your everyday life. This machine has proved to be invaluable for people just about to go on vacation or who have a special event to attend.

How Is a One Hour Crown Made?

The making of one hour crown is very straightforward, most of our patients prefer this technology than the traditional crown replacement process. This is because the tooth is prepared in exactly the same way, but instead of taking an impression of your mouth with traditional trays that feels uncomfortable, we use a camera to scan the tooth and get the optical impression. The information is then analyzed into a computer and used to design the crown. With the new optical impression technology, we can make this treatment ideal for anyone who has a very strong gag reflex or who simply hates having impressions taken. Once the crown has been designed, the information is transmitted to the milling machine which will mill the crown from a single block of porcelain in a shade selected to match your existing teeth. The milling process is very quick and afterwards the crown will be hand-finished before being cemented in your mouth. And done! You got your new crown in a single dental visit in just 1 hour.

Are these 1 Hour Crown Replacement as Good as a Traditional Crown?

Our crown is made from extremely high quality materials and is precision-milled. And fits exactly over the prepared tooth, sealing out all bacteria which could otherwise cause infection and decay. Our high-quality porcelain blocks will create very lifelike crowns, especially after they have been hand-finished and glazed by our professional dental technologist.

Dr. Matteo Bignamini, DDS
CEO of The Dental Center Dubai

Dr. Matteo Bignamini acquired his degree in Dentistry at Dental University of Milan in year 2003. He is holding an Italian, DHCC and DHA license, He is now based in Dubai and owns a highly specialized dental center in Dubai Healthcare City. Dr. Matteo is experienced in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry offering dentistry service from basic care, restorative treatments to advance endodontic, periodontal and cosmetic treatment.He is also experienced in prosthodontics and implants offering a wide range of dental treatment options for dental restorative procedures such as all-on-four procedure, gingival and laser based care, 1 hour crown replacement, veneers and bridges with Cerec machine, orthodontic treatment including Invisalign, and Hollywood smile or Smile make over. With his passion in practicing dentistry, treating patients with genuine and quality of care improving and creating new smile. Dr. Matteo Bignamini is also an Invisalign and 3D Ortholine provider. 

Dr. Osvaldo Minasi DDS, MSC
General Dentist

Dr. Osvaldo is a general dentist qualified from Italy and Brazil with more than 15 years experience.
He graduated "cum laude" at University of Bologna (Italy) and then lead his private practice with interest in restorative dentistry, endodontics, aesthetic dentistry and implantology.
He follows the innovative  BOPT (biological oriented preparation technique) for crowns and bridges preparation, which gives high aesthetic results and gum stability in the long term.
He took part in many trainings regarding aesthetic dentistry.
He got his postgraduate specialization in implantology at Famam University (Brazil).